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My life is filled for love for my cat MaoMao (毛毛). This personal tumblr remains as a ♥♥♥ / reblog dump with intertwining posts of cats.
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Who knew people can have birthday-coming-soon woes?

So a couple days ago I was feeling pretty down..

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1 week ago
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Tag Game: Screenshot your lock and home screen. One rule - don’t change anything no matter how embarrassing it is.

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*whispers* to be honest my phone’s kinda boring :p

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Ah, Nagi no Asukara never fails to stir up my emotions. I forgot how good it is!!

Gotta finish the series still, starting with episode 11 ><



Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Sakura Chiyo

Sakura Chiyo, age 16

I asked out the boy I like and he gave me his autograph…

Usagi Tsukino || Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 01

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